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Wrestling News & Rumors - May 29, 2006
By AARON MYKYTA, MOP Squad Sports NWA/TNA Editor
May 29, 2006 - 6:54:00 PM

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See No Evil box office covers production budget

According to estimates from, See No Evil grossed $2.53 million in its second weekend to finish seventh for the weekend. Shown in 1,270 theaters, up from 1,253 theaters opening weekend, the movie averaged $1,992 per theater to place fifth in that category.

The movie has covered the production budget costs at the box office through its second week, as the total gross is $8.493 million and the movie was completed with an $8.0 million budget.

Major Possible Spoiler On The New RAW GM

There has been a lot of talk on who will be the new RAW GM. At the moment, we haven't heard who it will be however there had been a lot of talk of JBL jumping to RAW to wrestle but now sources have told us that he is saying his back is really bad and he can't work. It could be him, especially with the angle being run on SmackDown right now.

Dusty Rhodes was originally supposed to get the spot before Vince McMahon decided he was having so much fun that he wanted to do it so he would be a possibility.

The Rock At UFC Last Night, ECW News, D-X Update
Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The Rock was seen on camera last night several times at the UFC 60 PPV featuring the main event of Hughes vs Gracie. The Rock was even interviewed on camera at one point. His hair is a lot different than WWE fans might remember, as it's grown out longer and curly now.

Due to the ECW special, WWE will be taping three days in a row the first week of June. RAW will be on 6/5 in Pittsburgh, SmackDown on 6/6 in Wheeling, and the live 'WWE vs. ECW' USA Network special on 6/7 in Dayton.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE likely won't be offering New Jack an ECW contract.

In regards to the article posted that said there was no release date for the Degeneration X DVD set, this is from WWESHOP.COM:

"D Generation X DVD Package

Please note: This special extremely low introductory pre-order price will go away on the release date of 06/02/06 so act fast. Orders will not be shipped until that time."

Three 6 Mafia/Vince McMahon, Trish Stratus Update

Over at feature an article on the Three 6 Mafia who were practically begging Vince McMahon for jobs with WWE.

The website also features an interview with Trish Stratus where she talks about this years Diva Search. She mentions having preliminary questions like asking the contestants what WWE stands for. She also took what seemed like a shot at Ashley and said that since she broke her leg, she doesn't know if the contest has been working that well. She added she would like this year's contestants to show more of their physical attributes. Speaking of Trish Stratus have added some stunning never seen before photos of Trish Startus which are worth a look.

According To Kane's See No Evil grossed $2,530,000 for its second weekend. The movie only dropped 44.8% from opening weekend totals, which is really great numbers for your traditional slasher flick. Most drop 55%-60% the second weekend. This brings the movie's total gross to $8,493,000 after 10 Days in release. The movie is now making WWE and Lions Gate a profit and has not yet been released on any international screens yet.

Tonight's RAW, New WWE Signing, HHH & More

Happy Memorial Day to everyone, I hope you enjoy the holiday!

The following appeared in the May 22 issue of the Sports Business Journal: COMINGS & GOINGS: Senior director of marketing Ethan Green departs the Mountain Dew-titled Dew Action Sports Tour after two years to join WWE as vice president, talent and brand management. Green's mission is to try to return WWE to its former place as a pop culture fixture by making icons out of the likes of wrestler John Cena. Green will report to WWE executive vice president of marketing Kurt Schneider.

On ESPN today, "Cheap Seats" will showcase pro wrestling from the early 80s.

The digital cable preview of RAW on his system says, "A look at the destruction of The Spirit Squad."

Also announced for RAW is Mr. McMahon's naming a new General Manager, Triple H vs. Kenny from the Spirit Squad and Paul Heyman facing off with Mick Foley. It has been reported that they would have a debate.

The Rock's New Film, WWE Heading To Caribbean

The following is the updated lineup for the June 29 SmackDown event in Puerto Rico:

- WWE World champion Rey Misterio vs. Mark Henry vs. Kurt Angle
- WWE Tag Team champions Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. Jamie Noble & Kid Kash
- WWE United States champion Bobby Lashley vs. Booker T
- Tatanka vs. Mr. Kennedy
- Matt Hardy vs. Finlay
- Gunner Scott vs. Sylvan
- The Undertaker vs. Great Khali
- Super Crazy vs. Gregory Helms

WWE will also be making stops in The Dominican Republic and Panama City on the Caribbean tour.

Former WWE wrestler Nathan Jones is in the new Jet Li film titled "Fearless."

In the Washington Post features an article regarding the Rock's upcoming film "Southland Tales" which has been the most critically panned film that was screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

More On Tonight's RAW, ECW, See No Evil & More

The preview for tonight's RAW on DirecTV says: "Did Triple H blatantly defy Mr. McMahon when he destroyed the Spirit Squad?"

Bloomberg News reported the following. ... "The horror film ``See No Evil,'' from Lions Gate Entertainment Corp., fell to seventh place from sixth with $3.2 million in ticket sales. The film stars professional wrestler Glen Jacobs, also known as Kane, as a psychopathic killer who terrorizes a group of teens assigned to a community service project."

See No Evil has grossed $9,163,000 overall and considering its a debut for the Big Red Machine has to be seen as a big success for WWE's debut film. See No Evil was seen on 1,270 screens.

Over at the WWE website features an audio from Michael Cole reporting from the site of tonight's RAW. He mentioned that there will be huge news regarding ECW on tonight's show. He said that Heyman's scouting trip to Smackdown last week has paid off.

Also, he said Mr. McMahon has been tight-lipped about who the new GM will be. Cole said "according to sources" that he was sequestered at his Greenwich home all weekend trying to finalize the deal. He said he wasn't at the building yet and that "sources" were saying that he is at his hotel suite trying to come to a deal.

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