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WWE's Lilian Garcia talks New CD, Playboy, Haas Injury, & More
By JULIAN RADBOURNE, MOP Squad Sports Staff Writer
Oct 16, 2007 - 2:28:53 PM

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Show: The Interactive Interview (courtesy of
Guest: WWE RAW Ring Announcer Lilian Garcia
Date: 10/16/07
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley & James Walsh
Transcript By: James Walsh

Translated, Lilian Garcia's "Quiero Vavir!" CD means "I Want to Live!" And, after a 2 year hiatus, so does the Interactive Interview!

Helping bring us back is the lovely young lady that has one heck of a CD out in stores everywhere, Lilian Garcia! And, we could not be happier to help promote this CD. It might be in Spanish, but it is one of the most inspiring records I've heard in pop music in quite some time.

You can hear this interview in glorious digital audio for free at Just click the Interviews tab or choose the photograph of Lilian on the right hand side! Pretty easy!


- A sample of the title track, "Quiero Vavir!" intros in Lilian Garcia.

- Lilian says it has been a busy few days as she has been doing TV and radio appearances as well as her CD release party the night prior to this interview which resulted in her only getting 3 hours sleep. "But, it's been great! I'm totally on a high because this is what I always wanted to do!"

- The idea for the Quiero Vavir! CD came about at New Years Revolution in 2005 when Lilian sang the National Anthem in Spanish in front of a Puerto Rican crowd. Vince McMahon approached her after the show and said, "I now know what I want to do with you" and bounced the idea for a Spanish language CD. Lilian wanted to do it because she is from Spain originally with Puerto Rican roots and felt it was perfect.

- The title of the CD is Quiero Vavir! which, when translated to English, means I Want to Live. Lilian says this song was written by her and her sister. She wrote the song because she was tired of everybody focusing on the dark side of life and wanted to write a song that was up beat and totally put all the bad stuff in the background so people remember to never stop moving forward.  "You can always stop and focus on the dark side of your life and you can always stop and find something wrong. I get so tired of that!"

- James mentions that he is an 80's hair band fan and the reason he is a fan of that style of music is because it is completely about forgetting your troubles. Lilian says she is a fan of a lot of 70's and 80's music for that same reason and wanted to capture that in her CD. She does!

- Believe it or not, this is Lilian's first full length album. "Oh, I'm so excited! This is what I always wanted and getting it was so hard. Knowing the right people, networking, and all those things coming into play... So, finally for those things to finally click makes an album that I am so, so proud of. I can honestly say I love every song on the album!" She goes on to say, "I want everyone to enjoy this album, the world that doesn't know me and the world that does know me and that is the WWE fans."

- About singing with the WWE 8 years ago, Lilian said she was doing things like TV commercials, singing, and trying to make a name for herself when her agent called her. "I wasn't going to go at first. I had been a wrestling fan as a kid but I couldn't understand how I would fit." She then goes on to explain that her agent expressed that she should go anyway not even knowing what the job title was, "I'm so glad I did! It's been the best move I've ever made and it has been an incredible ride!"

- Lilian says the worst injury she ever suffered in the WWE was the Charlie Haas ring incident. She holds no grudges and says it was a 100% accident. She says she wishes she had gotten it worked on because it still is tender from time to time but overall she says she's been injury free from her work in the very physical world of wrestling. "The guys have been very good about taking care of me!"

- James makes the mistake of mentioning the name of "The World's Largest Love Machine" Viscera. Lilian says, "He broke my heart!" When asked about getting more involved in the storyline aspect of wrestling, Lilian says, "Absolutely! I always want to mix it up!" She mentions that she's done acting in school plays and a few small roles here and there and would love to be more of an on air character if that is asked of her.

- As for using an on air character to promote her music career, Lilian says "Absolutely! It's all about momentum!" She thinks it would be great to try to use her musical credentials in an on air storyline.

- James mentions that the most received email to ask Lilian about was the recent photo shoots she has done for where she shows a little more of her than she is known to. Lilian says the idea to do the recent bikini shots came from a show in Puerto Rico where she said she has roots there and wanted to do a bikini shoot on the beaches there. She says she does those pretty much under her guidelines as she selects the swimsuits and feels never exposes more of her than she'd be comfortable exposing. "It's a beautiful thing!"

- As for the recent Jim Ross hints that she might be considered among the other WWE divas to make an appearance in Playboy, Lilian says "I didn't know I was considered! I'm honored!" But, don't get your hopes up yet, boys! Lilian does not think she would do Playboy. She doesn't have any bad feelings about anyone who has done it but isn't sure she feels comfortable doing Playboy herself.

- Lilian hopes to continue promoting this CD and even start to tour. James mentions that Chris Jericho managed to do both wrestling and concerts and Lilian says she'd love to do something similar or even open up for a well known act to get her name even further out there. When asked who she'd like to open for, she says "I'd love to tour with Ricky Martin! He's such a dynamic performer that he'd keep me on my toes!"

- Lilian says to her fans that she appreciates each and every one of them and hopes she has developed the reputation of being one of the people who are never too busy to sign autographs or say hi to the fans. She thanks the fans for supporting her and says that it was tough to have fans constantly ask about her CD for those years when she didn't have one. She says now that she does, she wants the CD release parties and all the coverage to be in celebration of her fans and not just her because without the fans, none of the dream she's now living would have come true.

- Lilian mentions that some of her most emotional performances came at events like the 5 year anniversary of September 11 when RAW was in MSG. James mentions that he gained more respect for her singing ability on that night. Lilian is touched that her performance reached him.

- As for a possible DVD,  Lilian says they're still in the promoting stages of the CD and will likely go from there in terms of a possible DVD. She says if the album goes to #1 on the charts, she'd love to do a DVD to promote it.

- James thanks Lilian and says we look forward to seeing how the CD does and will be watching on Monday nights.

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