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The Mexican Perspective: Xupol is back,oh no!
By Alex "Xupol" Varela, MOP Squad Sports
Jan 25, 2010 - 7:07:20 PM

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The Mexican Perspective, a column that have been alive for almost 7 years… has it been that long? Well, actually, this column was alive only from 2003 to 2006, then it rested 4 years. But, finally, Alex Varela is back to MOP Squad sports!.

Wow! A long time have passed since the last time I wrote a column. I mean, so much stuff I has happened in 4 years! I really hope I hasn’t lost my touch at doing this.  The last time I wrote a column I was 17 years old. Now, at 21, my whole perspective of life have changed, including my perspective of sports of course!  Ok, maybe that hasn’t changed now that I think about it, because I’m still a huge fan of soccer, wrestling and football, and I still root for the same teams (Pumas UNAM, Manchester United, Miami Dolphins and Right to Censor!, yeah I said it!) .

4 long years… well, actually, it hasn’t been that long. I have done a lot of things in 4 years. Heck I was about to be married and then that plan went down (thank you Jebus!), I suffered a heart condition… (And it wasn’t love!), I traveled all over Asia.

Now, obviously I’m Mexican, residing in Mexico City, and now you may think “what’s so special about this guy?” Well, since I’m living in another country, I see things very different. I like to be controversial and you can bet I will make you mad or angry in some time of this road. But don’t worry English-speaking community! también te voy a volver loco y te hare enojar a ti querido lector en español!, haha, whoa!, long time!, I forgot how fun is this!

Now, my “strong topic” is Soccer (football to me dammit!), and I can guarantee I will be talking about soccer from all around the world, but specially international, MLS, English and Mexican games. I remember 4 years ago I covered the World Cup (well, another guy too, but he sucked) and you can I will be covering this year’s World Cup and with the same fun style that I did it last time.

I love statistics. I count from how many goals were in the game to the shoots to the left side of the GK, so, my columns will be oriented more to numbers. But I will be adding personal comments to each and every column that I post, and of course, something that I love from MOP Squad, I will be posting images too!, That was great…

I started writing wrestling columns, and I will be doing it again; probably once per month or every time something special occurs. now, my 2 or 3 fans that I used to have knew that I hate TNA, and I still do, so, my columns will be only WWE oriented. TNA??, that sucks!!

Well, I really hope my 2nd run over here is as great or better than the first one. I also remember that when I started writing I this place, my goal was to be the Soccer editor, so, I will pull a Tommy Dreamer here and I will put a date to get that spot: July 12 2010, a day after the World Cup final. If I can’t get that spot by that date, then I’m out! This is a Tommy Dreamer promise! I hope you stick with me during this trip and enjoy it as much as I will.



VIV@ L@ R@Z@!!


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