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How beautiful are those sport weekends!
By XUPOL, MOP Squad Sports Staff Writer
Feb 15, 2010 - 7:00:50 PM

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All right, first of, let me say I’m too tired as I’m writing this, so, I won’t post scorecards or statistics because I will completely fall asleep in the keyboard, so, I was doing a little thinking, and from now on, I have come to the decision of stop posting numbers, I really thought in this and since I have the power to write my own opinion in a public space, then I will say it as it is!, straight to the point!! (Be prepared for the column name change).

I had the opportunity (yeah, now that I’m engaged, I have very few time these days) to watch some soccer from here (Mexico yeah… you guessed it) and I just have to say that the Mexican League is the most unpredicted tourney of the world, I mean, in all over Europe and some countries of South America you can see only 3 or 4 teams playing for the championships, let’s put some examples: in England you have Liverpool, ManU, Chelsea and maybe Arsenal, in Spain you only have Real Madrid and Barcelona, and in Italy you have Milan, Internazionale and maybe Juventus, but here in Mexico, you can see a team as big as Cruz Azul playing every week like Brazil national team, and when they play against a team that aren’t playing good as America F.C., they play like a 3rd division team, also, you may see a team like Chivas playing an awful tourney, and then, in the next one, they have 5 straight victories!, if you someday want to make bets here in Mexico, never bet on our soccer league, because I can assure you will lose your money.

And well, back to the point, as I was watching the “North Classic” between Tigres UANL and Monterrey, I came to the conclusion that our beautiful sport has become boring, now almost all of the teams scores a goal and then they defend it all game, which makes it painful to watch, so I decided to change the channel and I found something that I forgot it was there to entertain my usually boring Saturdays: Wrestling, but not that PG crap that you Americans call WWE, no, this was real wrestling, and I’m talking about Mexican Wrestling, definitively this is the best wrestling of the world because you see grappling, air moves, stories and also mat skills, all in one, and here the crowd are hot all night, they even cheer for the new one or the unpopular one, and it lasts 3 hours!, so I came to the decision to change my Saturday soccer games for a Saturday wrestling day, just sitting there in the couch with fries and beer, with no worries in my mind and the control in my hand, just thinking in what moment I had to change it between Wrestling, Soccer, and the Winter Games.

All right, I just finish this column with something in my mind: people told me that I have changed since I’m engaged, now I barely see sports in TV and hang out with my friends talking about which sports everyone saw, and I usually told them they were wrong because I’m still the same, and now I came to the conclusion that the only think that have changed is my love, because now I really love my girl, but my hart will always be with you…. My dear T.V.!!!


Thanks for reading and see ya next week!!



VIV@ L@ R@Z@!!

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