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J.B. Mauney comes to Sacramento and gets double-barreled win
Jan 18, 2010 - 10:12:23 PM

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J.B. Mauney had a great two days in Sacramento, California. Beginning on Friday he won the $10,000 Cooper Tires Match-up that was set up between he and our current World Champion, Kody Lostroh. Since Kody bucked off, J.B. was able to have the first pick of the two bulls available; Mauney took his old friend, the Julio Moreno Bucking Bull, Troubadour. This left Lostroh with Necessary Evil, owned by Don Kish.  Kody bucked off again, but Mauney not only rode his bull longer than Lostroh, but he lasted the eight seconds to take home the money.


J.B. with his best friend, Troubadour. Andy Watson/Bull Stock Media photo

And before I move on, Kish had some interesting things to say about his young star in the making. When asked why his bull was picked for this match-up, he responded with a small laugh, “I don’t know. When you compare him to Troubadour there’s no comparison.”


He did say that he thought on paper the two matched up well, as far as giving the bull riders a even contest. “Necessary Evil’s not a great bull. Greatness comes in time. Historically, he’s not even close (to Troubadour).”


Round one saw the redheaded Travis Briscoe win with a score of 88.5 on the Chumley Long Cattle Co. bull, Bring It. Right behind him with 88 points was Elliot Jacoby. He covered Shot Gun Willy, owned by Holman Bucking Bulls. Bryan Richardson was third on the Sis & Stan’s Bucking Bull, Zip Code, with an 87.5. Fourth and fifth was shared by Austin Meier and Chris Shivers, with an 87.25. Meier covered the Don Kish Bucking Bull Facial Fear, while Shivers rode Kick Butt, owned by Cosca/Brown Bucking Bulls.


Eventual winner Mauney won round two with the consistent Shot Gun Willy. He was given a score of 88.5. Shane Proctor and Valdiron de Oliveira shared second and third. These two scored 86.25, Proctor on another Kish bull Wolf Tickets, and de Oliveira with Rocket, owned by Corey & Horst/The Western Group.


Another tie for fourth and fifth, with scores of 85.5, this time between Brian Canter and L.J. Jenkins. Canter rode Snowball, owned by Corey & Horst Rodeo Co., Inc. and Jenkins covered Speckle Jacket, another one owned by Chumley Long Cattle Co.


Mauney was in the lead come Championship Round time, which meant he once again got the top pick. Would he choose another bull? Hell no, he snatched up Troubadour for the second time in as many nights, while Jacoby took the one that was the other bull in the big match-up between Lostroh and J.B. the night before, Necessary Evil.


When the dust cleared after the short-go, it was the jockey-sized Canter who stood the tallest. He rode Pick a Spot to an 88.25. Pick a Spot is owned by Champion Bucking Bulls. Second to Brian was another Bryan, Richardson this time. He scored 87.75 on West Coast Offense, owned by Don Kish Bucking Bulls.


Coming in third was Meier on yet another Kish bull, Original Prankster. He scored 86.25. Fourth was Mauney. He had another ride on what now must be his favorite bull ever, Troubadour. He scored 86 on this Moreno bull. Jacoby was fifth on Necessary Evil with a score of 85.5.


So J.B. won the event, and had a huge weekend , collecting $34,010! Second was Jacoby. Briscoe was third, Jenkins fourth, and Richardson fifth.


Both Robson Palermo and Sean Willingham are questionable for Anaheim. Palermo has an injured left wrist, and Willingham is suffering from a strained left groin. Mauney’s right hand (free arm) was stepped on and is bruised. He was to have X-rays Monday as a precaution. He is probable for Anaheim.


Not to be without its drama, veteran judge Jeff Shearer was suspended for the next five events and an indefinite probation, after his extremely low score of 18 cost young Elliot Jacoby a BFTS win. Mauney won the event by a mere ½ point. The other judges marked Jacoby 21, 21.5, and 22.


While Shearer stated that when making a mistake like leaves “a very empty feeling,” Elliot took things in stride. “It’s not a big deal to me,” he was quoted as saying. “He messed up by accident. There are plenty more bull ridings to go to.”


Early in the season the BFTS standings have Mauney in the lead, followed by Briscoe, Proctor, Guilherme Marchi, and de Oliveira.


This coming weekend the men come to my neck of the woods, Anaheim, California. As usual I am really looking forward to the event. I just hope none of them drown in these awful rains we are expecting through Sunday. Brian Canter, be really careful!! Just kidding!!


Be safe and God Bless,

Viva La Raza,


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