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Crowded at the top
Nov 8, 2009 - 12:39:42 PM

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Aaron Roy, Robson Palermo, Cody Nance, Kody Lostroh and Brian Canter share first place in round six. Linda Peterson photo

History was made on Saturday night as, for the first time in PBR history, five men tied for first place, all with scores of 89.25. They were Aaron Roy on the 4L & Diamond S Bucking Bull Big Iron, Cody Nance and Foolish Pride, also owned by 4L & Diamond S Bucking Bulls, Brian Canter with Frosty, owned by Circle T Ranch and Rodeo, Kody Lostroh, making it six for six after riding Chester, owned by Mendell/Jaeger, and Robson Palermo and Grey Dog, who is hauled by D & H Cattle Company. To determine how the points will be distributed, they will all be added up and then divided by five.


There were 25 rides on this night, if you include the re-ride taken by Austin Meier. This was to be expected, as this pen of bulls were, by comparison, the nice pen, rider friendly if you will.


Even with his big score, Lostroh was offered a re-ride, because his bull stalled when he turned back in the chute. But the thought never occurred to Kody. “I was winning the round and I didn’t even go see what the re-ride was. I just knew it wouldn’t be enough.”


When later asked his view as to why so many scores were the same, Lostroh said, “It was kind of expected from this pen of bulls. They were so even, and a lot of them cut the same track.”


While the soon-to-be Rookie of the Year Nance was quiet and humble, Lostroh sung his praises for him.” He’s got an excellent career in front of him. We’ve got a lot of young guys coming up like Cody. Guys get older and leave the sport and it’s good that we’ve got young guys like Cody coming along and taking their place.”


J.B. Mauney rode the bull he had chosen, Beer Goggles, a Don Kish Bucking Bull, to a score of 87.25, but that was only good enough to place him twelfth in the round. Still, another ride, keeping him a perfect six for six in the Finals.


Kody Lostroh Linda Peterson photo

When it was pointed out to him that he got in a little bit of trouble during his ride, he responded, “That was my fault, I should have ridden him dead easy! The bull wasn’t standing very good and I wanted to get out of there as quick as I could, but that didn’t have anything to do with it.


Let me not forget to stress that besides Lostroh and Mauney, there is another man who has ridden all of his bulls so far. That man is Valdiron de Oliveira, and he has been putting on a hell of a performance as well. He rode Maverick to an 88 score. Lufkin Ranch and Rodeo owns Maverick.


Last years’ Champion Guilherme Marchi finally got a ride on Saturday, and he was so excited he might as well have been scored a 98. Marchi, coupled with the Circle T Ranch and Rodeo bull Rowdy LJ, tied for nineteenth place with a score of 86. Most importantly he got his first ride of these Finals, and it was hard to tell who was the most excited, Marchi or the fans – great to see!


Two more rides for Lostroh and he will more than likely be your 2009 PBR World Champion. Who wins the average might make a difference, as points are awarded for that, and right now Mauney is a mere ½ point ahead of Kody in the event average. As predicted since before the Finals started, it will boil down to the final bull in the final round. Lostroh is approaching Sunday as he has every other day, every other ride. “I don’t care what everybody else says, I’m here to do my job. I keep things as simple as possible because that’s what works for me. I’ll leave it at that.”


Another draft tonight for tomorrow’s performance, and many of the bulls are not accessible to Lostroh or Mauney. The rules state that once you have gotten on a bull for the Finals you cannot have that bull again. That eliminates quite a few bulls! Lostroh picked SoulJa Boy to be his dance partner, and Mauney took Smack Down. Kody’s best friend Troubadour was chosen by Robson Palermo.


As far as the short-go is concerned, J.B. said, “ Me and Kody are going to get stuck with whatever.”


So it all comes down to this. The incredible Finals that everyone anticipated has been exactly that. This afternoon we will crown a new Champion. Lostroh or Mauney, who will it be? We just have to wait to find out!


Be safe and God Bless,

Viva La Raza,





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