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Bones is the new Bucking Bull of the Year
Nov 10, 2008 - 2:14:10 PM

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Bones shows why is the best in the business. Matt Breneman photo

Owning the Bucking Bull of the Year is quite and honor, and this year that distinction went to Tom Teague. He owns the super bull, Bones. Bones is half brother to the great bull owned by Julio Moreno, Troubadour. “He’s Whitewater on one side, and the other side is a little bit of everything. He is the first bull I’ve ever had that made the PBR Finals that we’ve raised.”


To say he was exited about his bulls’ achievement is an understatement. “Oh, I love him! Let’s all have a drink to Bones! Isn’t he a great bull? I love the animal.


“Years ago he was so skinny, and he’d stand around by himself, and I told my manager, ‘We got to feed this boy!’ He’d just stand there. But now,” he said with enthusiasm, “most of the time bulls will run from me, but I can walk up rub his head and say his name, and he’ll start shaking his head. I love him to death.”


Tom is not new to owning great bulls that have been selected Bull of the Year. But this is the first time he has been the sole owner. “We had half of Little Yellow Jacket, in fact we just bought the other half of Little Yellow Jacket, so now I own 100%. And let’s see, Mossy Oak (Mudslinger), Big Bucks (who just retired after the short-go), and now Bones. But,” he repeated, “this is the first one we’ve had from the beginning, and we’re going to start this way and just keep going from here.”


And let’s not forget two of his other top bulls, Scene of the Crash, and Coyote Ugly.


But don’t think you are going to get in on Teague’s gold right now. “I’m not selling any semen at all, period. I’m just breeding the cattle and going from there."


Teague will step down and let his son, who is now attending Texas A&M, carry on as soon as possible. “I can’t handle things like this everyday, so I’m going to let him do it.” He then pointed to his wife. “Look at this beautiful wife I’ve got sitting right here, and you can understand why I don’t want to spend my time playing with bulls every day.”


Well, as excited as Teague is with this breeding program, I don’t expect him to stay home. And I hope he doesn’t. I am looking forward to seeing many more of these great bulls on the tour.


Congratulations to Tom Teague for having the 2008 Bucking Bull of the Year, Bones.


Be safe and God Bless,

Viva La Raza,


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