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The Palace steams about the Mets trading Xavier Nady
By MIKE SICILIANO, MOP Squad Sports Staff Writer
Jul 31, 2006 - 8:09:00 PM

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I'm not the huge baseball fan I used to be, but this particular trade has me seething. I am a Mets fan. Always have been, always will be. First question before we get to the trade, is there a possibility, is the Mets budget so scarce that they can't provide one of their star relief pitchers with transportation? Duaner Sanchez is out for the season with a separated shoulder during a taxi cab ride in Miami, Florida last night. What the hell is a multi-million dollar ball player doing in a taxi cab, ladies and gentlemen? Can someone explain that one to me? That is utterly amazing to think of.

Now, we have the New York Mets, 15 games ahead of the pack in the National League Leastern Division. Yes, I said Leastern. The National league sucks. When you compare the talent of both leagues, the data is right there in black and white. With that being said, and the unfortunate situation that occurred involving Duaner Sanchez, how in the name of all that is holy can you explain to me that the best possible solution to that problem is Roberto Hernandez and Oliver Perez, and the only way to get them is by giving up your starting right fielder?

Hernandez was a pleasant surprise last year in '05 with the Mets. He has the stats to say that he is having a decent '06. I am not going to go in to the details. He is, however, well over the 40 year old plateau. With him and Julio Franco on this team, we can start to think about calling this team the Octagenerian Mets instead of the New York Mets. Hernandez is a MAJOR LEAGUE step down in bullpen assistance for this team leading down the stretch and in to the playoffs, and my problem is very simple.

You paid way too much for a 41 year old reliever that couldn't make this team at Spring Training, Omar Minaya.

I hope I'm wrong, I hope I can have the world come to my email address and tell me I am an idiot. But I think I will be vindicated with this point. Xavier Nady is having a breakthrough, breakout season with the at bats and the time in the field as a starting player, and with this deal, you may have provided an arm for your depleted bullpen, but you have seriously victimized your offensive production for the bulk of the remainder of the season. You cannot expect Carlos Beltran to continue the pace he is going on, and Delgado has become injury prone, and Wright is due to falter in his end of the season swoon from playing too many innings.

This trade is dangerous for the Metropolitans. I am not going to even give a line of text to Oliver Perez, because he is just plain God Awful. This trade significantly weakened the first place team in the National League Least. I only hope it didn't weaken them to the point that this lead they have built up begins to dwindle.

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