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Mets Calling Up David was the Wright Move
By BRIAN KRAEMER, MOP Squad Sports Staff Writer
Jul 23, 2004 - 12:55:00 PM

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Finally! The inevitable has happened. The Mets have finally called up David Wright. After weeks of everyone talking about David Wright; After all the local New York media - the NY Post, NY Daily News, MSG SportsDesk, Mike and the Mad Dog; after all the hoopla on Wright, he finally arrived last night to Flushing, Queens.

David Wright, on his first day with the Mets. Met fans hope it won't be his last, and that he will stay up in the Majors.

David Wright, the Mets' Minor League phenom is having Met fans hope he can have an impact on the Mets, like Miguel Cabrera did on the Marlins last year. Though he went 0-4 last night, he had a steady glove that gave the Mets a 5-4 victory over the Montreal Expos. The Mets, 46-47, 3 games out of first place in the N.L. East, needed to make an impact.

Well, before David Wright could make an impact, Juan Pierre made an impact as he had a collision with All-Star Catcher Mike Piazza. Juan landed a bunt down the third base line, Ty Wiggington charges, catches, and throws over Piazza's head. Piazza still had his glove straight, as Pierre smacks into it.

Due to Piazza getting injured, Mets had to call Wright up, designating Dan Wheeler for assignment in the process. His dream had finally come true, he was in the Majors. During Wednesday's National Anthem, you could clearly see Wright nervous, as he repeatedly tapped his Mets cap on his chest.

It was time for his debut. He ran on the field as he got a standing ovation from the Shea faithfuls. Jose Vidro smacked a hard ground ball into the hole between third and shortstop in the first inning on Wednesday night and Wright snagged the ball before it had a chance to go through. He did a little spin and threw the ball to Ty Wiggington. Met fans and front office alike hope that Wright is a defensive upgrade from Ty Wiggington. They say David can play the position like Robin Ventura.

He stepped up to his first at bat of his career as he hit a foul ball as Brian Schneider flipped over the guard railing into the Expos dugout, holding onto the ball. The camera shot to David as you could see he was disappointed. Though he went 0-4 Wednesday, he made sparkling plays in the field.

But yesterday, his time had finally come. In the bottom of the fifth inning, with a 3-1 count David slapped a Zach Day curveball down the left field line for his first double of his career. He would get a single in the 9th to go 2-4 for his second career game.

Mets hope that David Wright will give the spark to the Mets as Miguel Cabrera did to the Marlins last year. Only time will tell for David if he is the real deal. But for right now, the Mets made the Wright choice.

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