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Hockey Columnists: The Cross-Ice Pass
The Cross-Ice Pass: The Off-Season Cometh
It's a smorgasboard of various topics today, as MOP Squad's hockey editor goes off on topics wide and far in the world of hockey in the wake of the Stanley Cup playoffs, NHL awards, and entry draft and upon the eve of free agency. Let's dive right in, damn the consequences, and see what comes out as interesting.
Jun 29, 2006 - 6:44:00 PM

The Cross- Ice Pass: The “Just Past Halfway” Awards
With most teams about to hit the 50-game mark in the 2005-06 season (and this hockey editor admittedly slow on the draw to put together a halfway-point awards column), MOP Squad proudly presents the “Just Past Halfway” Awards. As such, the choices of MOP’s beleaguered hockey editor for the major award categories make up the latest edition of the Cross-Ice Pass.
Jan 25, 2006 - 2:52:00 AM

The Cross-Ice Pass: The Return
With the imminent return of hockey comes the return of The Cross-Ice Pass! Today we talk about the impending CBA deal and coaching shuffles from around the league.
Jul 7, 2005 - 7:25:00 PM

The Cross-Ice Pass: How About a Ticket Cap?
The NHL has been steadfast in their demand that the players consent to a salary cap in the next collective bargaining agreement. But if the owners get their desired "cost certainty," how about giving a little to the fans as well?
Jan 23, 2005 - 6:10:00 PM

The Cross-Ice Pass: A Glimmer of Hope?
MOP Squad's Hockey Editor weighs in on the news that the NHL and it's players will resume negotiations this week, and what will likely come from those proceedings.
Dec 7, 2004 - 3:15:00 PM

The Cross-Ice Pass: Free Agency Season Opens with a Whimper
This used to be the time of year when big name free agents were wined and dined and offered many millions more than what they were actually worth by NHL teams. Not this year.
Jul 5, 2004 - 12:07:00 AM
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