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The English View: Loyalty in Football
By JAMES PEART, MOP Squad Sports Staff Writer
Jan 19, 2005 - 2:09:00 PM

"We love you Robbie, because you play for the Blues"

For two and a half years that was one of the many chants that echoed around St.Andrews stadium. Every fan loved him. Some had t-shirts with his face on, the majority of the replica shirts worn beared the number 8 and SAVAGE, but 2 and half years of soccer was ruined by two and a half weeks of madness.

Robbie Savage signed for Birmingham City in the summer of 2002. For many this was a great deal, 2.5 million pounds for a player that is very unique in todays game. Savage is a player who not only controls his midfield, but battles for 90 minutes, tries to win every tackle and gets into the minds of his opponents. For this Savage is hated by everyone outside of Birmingham City, and is booed by all visiting fans. But Birmingham fans took to him, Savage quickly became the hero, and the favourite of many a fan.

After keeping Birmingham City in the Premiership for two seasons, Savage got what many thought was what he deserved-a new four year contract. Savage signed it stating that this was the club for him, now we know that was far from the truth.

December 2004. Robbie Savage, the hero of every blues fan hands in a transfer request. He claimed that it was so he could move closer to his family, who lived in Wrexham. On the surface it seems like a fair case to plead. But in reality Savage ,who is now 30, wanted one last pay out before he retired. Blackburn Rovers, who were interested in Savage, were willing to pay him more for his services, and Robbie was keen.

Finally on 18th January Robbie Savage made his move from Birmingham City to Blackburn Rovers. The four year contract Savage signed only four months before ment nothing, the 30,000 loyal fans who chanted his name every week meant nothing, and his friends and fellow colleagues at the club meant nothing to him.

Birmingham City placed all the loyalty they had in Robbie Savage, but Savage didn't return the compliment. The reality of soccer in 2005 is that to a player, there is no loyalty to their clubs and fans. Money means more than loyalty, the sad but true fact.

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