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Deal of the Century
By GEOFF KONTZ, MOP Squad Sports Staff Writer
Dec 5, 2007 - 1:50:32 AM

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The buzz is all around in the Detroit air. Even on the other side of the state. For the fans that wait for the Blockbuster deals that happen once in a lifetime, Tiger fans will have to wait no more. Not with a train coming to town bringing along one of the most feared hitters in the National League.

Dontrelle Willis - AP

Detroit’s acquisition of Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis made a statement throughout the baseball world today. Basically the message was sent, we are not the little kiddy Tigers anymore, we are fierce and we are ready to play! The win-now attitude is back in Detroit and adding two superstars is by no means demeans that attitude. Tiger fans everywhere are wondering if this deal was more harmful than beneficial. This deal was definitely one-sided, and many general managers around baseball are going to be calling the cops for the robbery that Dave Dombrowski committed.

Miguel Cabrera has been a star since his debut at the age of twenty in Florida. He has one of the most pure swings in all of baseball and can hit to all fields. Don’t believe me? Just ask Joe Girardi who was recently quoted as saying he would love to have Cabrera on his Yankees team. This player is a stud and has accomplished many milestones at a young age. He already is the third-fastest player in Major League Basebal history to reach the 500-RBI mark. What else can this guy do? He can do it all, like a machine. This man can work a count, hit for average, move runners over, or even drive a ball out of the park with ease. There were some concerns that he may have a hard time sustaining these current trends of greatness compared to the rest of the great hitters because of his weight. However, reports indicate that he is losing weight this off season and gaining more strength which should only make his bat quicker through the zone and with a lot more power. This kid is the real deal and Tiger fans everywhere are in for a big surprise. There are a few people that have called the post office already telling them that their letter to Santa no longer needs to be sent. Their gift arrived a little early this year.

As if one of the best offensive weapons in the game wasn’t enough, how about adding an All-Star pitcher to a staff of young ( Rogers being the exception), hungry and enthusiastic group of young talent leading the Tigers? Willis (A.K.A. “D-Train”) will do nothing but flourish in the rotation in Detroit. He no longer has the weight of a whole franchise on his shoulders. He can enjoy pitching in a city that balls “seem to travel forever” in. Detroit is by no means a hitter’s park but is in fact one of the most renowned pitchers parks in all of baseball. This setting along with the Tigers rotation itself should help Willis rediscover the greatness that he once had, that elusively escaped him over the past few years. Remember the young kid a few years back? The one that was Rookie of the Year in 2003, and 2nd in the NL Cy Young Award voting in 2005 (not to mention an All-Star in both years)? This is the guy. His unique and funky delivery is a train that some have said derailed the last few years while still putting up commendable numbers. Now he can sit back and relax a little bit in this rotation. He no longer has to carry the weight of a franchise on his shoulders. Not to mention if he does give up a few runs, his lineup is more than capable of making up the difference. This kid is the real deal and still has a long ways to go before reaching his prime. Thank the heavens he is in Detroit. This newest Tiger is about to become an untamed one to say the least.

The Tigers moved swiftly to acquire these two. Boy, what a great move it was. When all was said to be quiet in the Tigers home front at the winter meetings, the door flew open and in came two stars ready to spread their legacy in Motown. Welcome to Detroit boys, please stay a while!

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