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Xupol's Memories Say: XUPOL IS NOT DEAD!!!
By ALEX "XUPOL" VARELA, MOP Squad Sports Staff Writer
Aug 9, 2005 - 11:59:00 PM

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Hi MOP Squad visitors, how have you been?, I hope fine.  Well, you might have noticed that the Mexican Perpective hasn't been updated since February.  A lot of time had passed since the last Xupol news, the mexican soccer section is delayed, the MLS section too, and obviously, the wrestling section, well, here's the explanation:

On February 20th, Alex Varela was driving in the streets of Mexico City when a truck crashed his car in the middle of the night and he was really injured, one of his friends died in the accident, Alex suffered cuts in both legs and his left arm, also he had broken both legs and his right arm.

He was unconsious for three days and he stayed in a painful therapy for 4 months. Finally, he was able to go home but he wasn't in a good mood to write. He was very depressed for the death of his friend, also, he was worried for his girlfriend. She was in the car crash too, but she's fine: just a few cuts.

On July 25, the day of his birthday, he was encouraged by his mother to return to his columnist job. He denied to his mother, but at the end of the night, his mother and his girlfriend gave him very positive words. They asked him to  return to his good old job, he fell like he was born again with that, and he accept to write again.

Now he's back, fully loaded and he have a ton of news about Mexican and American soccer. Also, he can't hold his thoughts about the WWE, he's back people!!, and he wants to give an apology to each and everyone of you for been out for a long time, specially Marlene, his old friend.

For last, he want to thank to all the MOP Squad team for holding him in the data base and specially to Marlene, thank you my friend, thank you for giving me a chance and I also thank you for your trust and your support, I don't know how to thank you my special friend!!!!.

I promise I won't let down anybody!! Starting tomorrow, you will hear something of me!!, thank you all and god bless!!!

ATTE: Alex (Xupol) Varela!

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