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The Palace has quick comments on Edge & Mick Foley
By MIKE SICILIANO - MOP Squad Sports Staff Writer
Aug 8, 2008 - 10:41:17 PM

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I just finished watching SmackDown! from bell to bell, as I try to do each and every week, and for a rare opportunity, I have to say these words.

I give WWE creative a ton of credit.

While we have to endure "The" Brian Kendrick & Vladimir Kozlov winning matches when they have zero shot of making the top rung of the WWE ladder, we at least get some damn good set ups to matches at Summerslam with the Triple H/Great Khali "arm wrestling" challenge, which could have turned in to the biggest farce known to man if Triple H broke out of the vice grip tonight, but I would say that it was done pretty damn well, anyway, showing Khali to be nearly unstoppable, and giving the Game the obvious "against all odds" advantage leading in to Indianapolis.

But that's not the reason for this column.

Truth be told, the reason for this column is the final segment of SmackDown!. I thought it was done immensely well.

The "transformation" of Edge to the man who was the veteran of multiple TLC wars, and various other wars that led to multiple IC title and tag title reigns, the "transformation" of the Rated R Superstar back to the master of tables, ladders, and chairs took a sinister turn tonight, and I thought it was amazingly done.

I was hooked. All clues led to the Undertaker being the man behind the beatings of the members of La Familiia. And then, when Edge finally enters the scene, he's all "buddy buddy" to Chavo, and on relative speaking terms with his "estranged" wife, the GM, who reluctantly accepts Edge's "plan."

Needless to say, the "plan" turns out to be the revelation that Edge has snapped in to the maniacal psycho that went through fire and God knows what else a few years ago with the man who was probably the factor in beginning this transformation, Mick Foley.

Foley's promo last week about Edge was so dead on perfect it was nearly a shoot. Before this idiotic storyline involving a love affair with Vickie Guerrero, and even going back, partially, to his "affairs" with Lita, Edge was on top of the world, just not with the hardware to show it. He was the complete package.

Hardcore, high flying, technical, the gamut was run in one man, and it wasn't Triple H. It was Edge. Edge could have been the best in the business, if marketed to that degree. Instead, they went in a different direction, and while it did garner Edge a few world championships, as well as a couple of more TLC matches, it truly wasn't the peak of this athlete's performance ability.

I believe that peak will occur come Summerslam, when the feud with the Dead Man reignites.

I am only sad on one aspect of this situation. I am sad that this storyline, this metamorphosis, as it were, could be the end all of one Mick Foley in WWE, as it appears Mick is en route to the door after realizing how much fun Vince McMahon can be behind a microphone with access to your brain through headphones. But, if Foley is done with WWE after this set up, he did go out on one hell of a storyline, I can say that for certain.

I was there when Mick Foley began his journey back to WWE, in Long Island, as he was at Sports Plus for ROH's Glory By Honor IV alongside then TNA X Division Champion AJ Styles as Styles defeated Jimmy Rave. While I was upset to see Foley depart for WWE, I thought he would be brought in and utilized to the best of his abilites. While I didn't think he was, initially, I thought his tenure as color commentator alongside Cole and now Jim Ross was beginning to take good shape.

It's a shame that a maniac like Vince McMahon can't allow his employees to evolve in to their new positions, and expects such perfection right out of the gate. I know that's probably the way that he has ended up with the empire he has at the present time, but when you're dealing with someone who's been through the preverbial hell, literally and figuratively, for years in your company, perhaps you could show a little restraint and let the man get in to the job.

Anyway, I digress. I had to come out here and write a brief piece saying I am thrilled to see the real superstar from Toronto, Ontario, Canada return to WWE SmackDown! tonight, the real, true, and hardcore Rated R Superstar, Edge. I can't wait to pick up the DVD from Summerslam when it comes out. I would suspect it's going to be damn good.

Thanks for reading.

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