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Ramble On: Goodbye, Farewell, Amen
By GREG STEPHENS--MOP Squad Sports Football Editor
Oct 2, 2006 - 6:48:00 PM

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**Editor's Note:  MOP Squad Sports is pleased to announce the promotion of Greg Stephens from Staff Writer to Football Editor.  We know he will do well in this new postion and encourage our readers to look for Mr. Stephens to publsh some outstanding articles in the coming weeks**

Several months ago, I began my internet writing career with a little wrestling column called 'Ramble On'.  Several different web sites were kind enough to carry the column, and I do express my appreciation to each of them, as well as to you, the fans, that have read my little ramblings, and enjoyed my not-so-sage words of wisdom.

I received an email from the owner of another wrestling site that shall remain nameless, reminding me it has been about three months since my last original 'Ramble On'.  Upon looking through my personal files, I noted, "By golly.  He's right."  He also informed me that if another new article wasn't forthcoming this month, I would be in jeopardy of being removed from his web site.

To be sure, I criticise this person not for that last statement.  Indeed, when I began writing the column on his web site, I understood that was one of the rules.  In fact, I am extremely grateful for the fact he gave me my first 'staff writer' opportunity on any sport, on any site.  I do appreciate that.

As I read this person's e-mail, two things crossed my mind.  One, the reason I had not written in quite awhile was because, quite frankly, I have lost my passion for the business of professional wrestling.  I discovered that a few weeks ago as I was surfing, and watching an old match from 1981 between Ric Flair and Ron Fuller.  Seeing an old 'Georgia Championship Wrestling' clip involving Mr. Wrestling II, the Assassins, and II losing his mask on television enforced my feelings.

The business has become so bad, so stagnant, I don't care to watch it, much less write about it.  Doug encouraged me to keep my column going in case the 'Wrestling Muse' inspired me in the future.  That muse hasn't inspired WWE, why would it inspire me?

The second thing I realized was that, if I could possibly lose my wrestling column, it didn't really matter to me. That's not a shot at the nameless website's owner--it is a shot at the business.  If you have read my work, you notice my writings consist of one of two themes--retro, and how bad the current stuff is.  Sometimes I combined those themes.

In the grand scheme, I have nothing left to write about where wrestling is concerned.   The storylines are recycled, and poorly at that.  The business is burned out and it has taken me with it.

The sad part is, this is happening all over the net.  I personally believe the quality of much internet wrestling writing is declining.  This is not, however, the fault of the authors.  It's just that, quite frankly, the business isn't giving us a lot to work with.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw an article titled, "Five Reasons John Cena Shouldn't be Champ".  I wrote the author and thanked him for yet another 'Cena Sucks' article, by way of my own top-five list--"Five Reasons Why Nobody Cares About John Cena and why He Sucks."  It wasn't his fault, however, as I discover there is nothing else to write about.

Perhaps I am no longer in touch with the business.  Perhaps I am no longer in touch with the majority of wrestling fans.  Perhaps I just live too much in the past.  Whatever the reason, this is my last edition of 'Ramble On'.

I do thank,,,, and all other sites that have published the column.  Thanks for the voice.  I also wish to thank the WWE and TNA, primarily, for ruining my passion, and destroying a once great business.

For my fans, thanks for reading.  You can email me at

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