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From Where I Stand #3 (Hogan, Raw and The Draft)
By MATTHEW F. MOP Squad Sports Staff Writer
Jun 9, 2008 - 7:56:04 AM

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To kick off this edition of ‘From Where I Stand’ I thought I would talk about something that I have been reading about on nearly every wrestling site that I have seen. Hulk Hogan and this stupid reality show that he is going to appear in. This is the most ridiculous thing that I could have dreamed of. God I thought it was bad enough when he was trying to create his own promotion with Bischoff and somehow he managed to top that.


So I take my hat off to you Hulk Hogan. Just when I think that you couldn’t do anything more awful than what you just did you manage to top it. And you have been doing it for five years. It started with the ‘MR America’ gimmick which was so bad it actually made me long for the days when he was red and blue and that is something I never thought I would long for.


And just when I thought that I would never have my TV screen darkened by Hogan again he got inducted into the hall of fame (deservingly, I must say) and made another comeback. And he made it at the expense of Shawn Michaels. Why waste a talented superstar who still has something left on a guy who should have retired half-way through 2002.


So, Hogan was back, he was wrestling worse than ever, he was cutting the same promo’s that he did in the 80’s and he was taking away valuable air time from stars like John Cena, who was in the middle of his first title run. When he faced HBK at Summerslam nobody was happy. Michaels had to do the job and Hogan went over clean and left. For anyone who says HBK doesn’t do jobs I tell them to look at that. And yes, before anyone says it I know that match made money and that was what it was about, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.


He did the same thing a year later with Randy Orton and it was just as bad. And now we have to suffer through a reality show where he, Brian Knobbs and Brutus Beefcake are going to teach a bunch of C grade celebrities to wrestle. I have just one question. What do any of those people know about putting on a good wrestling match?


Now to Raw, is it just me or has it been a little off lately.The problem that I believe Raw has at the moment is that it has lost one of (if not the) most valuable assets it has. I am of course talking about William Regal. The pain his absence has caused to the product can not be down played. He was the best pure heel they had by a mile and he was capable of having great programs with the likes of Kennedy and Triple H. Even though it has only been a few weeks it’s obvious that he is missed.


Side Note – If I hear one more person praise Vickie Guerrero I am going to be sick. I’ll say it right now; there is a difference between being an extremely talented performer and being someone that is just hated. Compare William Regal to Vickie Guerrero and you will see the difference. They both had huge heat with the fans, but as much as the fans hated Regal the smart ones had to admit he had amazing mic skills. To top it off he was also a skilled in-ring performer. Tell me what does Vickie have to be respected for? (And I am being serious. Send me an E-mail if you disagree)


While I am glad that Paul Burchill is going to have an actual feud with Kennedy he is not in the same league as Regal right now, although some day he could be. And honestly Vince just isn’t the same figure he used to be. His actions are based on expectations not interaction. He just isn’t viable anymore. Him running the show just isn't working for me. I am not really going to talk too much about this million dollar mania either since it doesn’t really interest me. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to win a million dollars but its not something that I want to watch on TV.   


A worry that I have is this draft that is coming up. I don’t think that the talent roster will be screwed up, but the announcers being included in the draft scares the hell out of me. J.R and king are the best announcers in the game. They work so well together that it would be awful for them to be broken up and it would make no sense. Mick Foley is doing a great job in his role on Smackdown! and Tazz is doing the same on ECW. I have never been a fan of Michael Cole because he is too heavy on his favoritism to the Faces. As for the other guy on ECW I can’t see an alternative to him. For anyone who cares this is how I see the commentators.


  1. Jim Ross
  2. Jerry “The King” Lawler
  3. Mick Foley
  4. Tazz
  5. Michael Cole
  6. Mike Adamle


Speaking of the draft, everyone that I know has been trying to predict the people who will go in the draft. I am not going to say who will go in the draft because of the backlash that will happen when I am wrong but I will give you my three wrestlers who I think should go. It’s not really a coincidence that these three have been badly used recently.


CM Punk – like everyone didn’t see that coming. This guy has buckets of talent and has really been wasted recently in my eyes. As most people know he has some sort of heat with the guys who run the show backstage which has probably been the main reason for his recent losing streak. But it’s not just that, Punk hasn’t even been in a proper feud since Mania. He won money in the bank, and then he was put into the king of the ring tournament to help Regal get over followed by some random matches and a thrown together feud with Miz and Morrison with Kane as a partner. He is capable of so much more than that, and is a guy who could main event any PPV.


Chris Jericho – Ok, not a guy that most people would consider under used. My reasoning isn’t really based on what he’s done, more what he could do. His feud with HBK was great but now that that’s over where does he have to go on Raw. I don’t really care if he goes (a part of me hopes he doesn’t because it will put an end to his matches with HBK) I just want to see him have a run with the title. He is beyond the Intercontinental title now. After 8 runs he should be holding the WWE title instead. Him going to Smackdown! would be a chance for him the get into the title picture more prominently.


MVP – This guy has all the talent in the world and since he lost to Matt Hardy he has been doing nothing. He seems like a guy who has just been biding his time before the draft. I mean what other excuse could they have? On Smackdown! he was seen sitting in a skybox for the whole show. Lets set the record straight, MVP is exactly what he claims to be on TV, he is the franchise player of Smackdown!. Having him go to Raw opens up a chance for him to fully ascend to the heights that he should be at.


There are others that could switch show but those are the three big stars that I think should (keyword ‘should’) go in the draft. If you have a different opinion please E-mail me the address is at the bottom of the page.


Oh, and thank you. Saying all that stuff about Hogan was almost like therapy, only less expensive. For those of you who could care less I am sorry but I just had to say some of those things and this was my chance.


That’s it for now


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