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From Where I Stand #2: Scott Steiner interview
By DX-RATED, MOP Squad Sports Staff Writer
Jun 4, 2008 - 3:47:28 AM

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For the second edition of ‘From Where I Stand’ I thought I'd give my opinion on an interview that Scott Steiner gave recently. A rundown of the article can be found in a previous article for

Ok, I was just reading about an interview that Scott Steiner gave with some magazine and the things he said in that interview I find pretty funny. First of all, he was going on about how the only way that Triple H got to look good is because he married the boss’ daughter. Now, I am not going to say that getting married to the boss’ daughter didn’t give him an in with the boss that few other wrestlers have, but to say that’s the only way Triple H got over is ridiculous. First of all let’s consider who is running his mouth about how bad Triple H is, Scott Steiner.

Now I haven’t followed Steiner's career back to front but from what I have seen of him recently and in his WWE days he is one of the worst workers in wrestling. He is so stiff and old that it’s even difficult for someone like Kurt Angle to get a good match out of him. I have heard people talk about him being able to deliver a good promo but I have to disagree. I watched his ridiculous ‘percentages’ promo a few weeks ago on iMPACT! and I don’t even think he knew what he was talking about. To try and compare him to Triple H, who has had numerous match of the year contenders and is able to cut a great promo is just insulting. Although I will concede that I wouldn’t want to have sex with Chyna.

As for his claims that HBK is weak, I tell him to look at Taboo Tuesday 2004. His knee was completely ruined; he shouldn’t have been able to walk on it. But he still went out there and gave the fans a match. He came back from a career ending back injury and has wrestled as good if not better than he did before his injury. Now I know that Shawn Michaels isn’t perfect. We all know he has a massive ego, but honestly if you were that good wouldn’t you be as well?

As for what he said about Ric Flair, right now that doesn’t hold any weight with me. Steiner has had zero credibility since he lost it on Nitro and said Flair was responsible for making Stone Cold leave WCW. Everyone knew that it was Bischoff who sent him away, so right now I don’t believe him at all. If Sting were to come forward and back his story up then I would be more inclined to believe it because Sting has some credibility, but for right now his story means nothing to me.

I don’t know what Scott Steiner is like but he seems to be someone who has a high opinion of himself. I can’t understand why. From what I have seen of him he is nothing more than a muscle-bound idiot. He can’t wrestle, he can’t cut a promo and he was only able to win the WCW title once it was already dead. To take pot-shots at real legends is messed, and really he should just retire. I am starting to feel bad for Samoa Joe. He is a really good wrestler, and he ends up saddled with Scott Steiner. More than Steiner's jealously, the really sad thing would be if he were to have an influence on a good younger wrestler who has as much potential as Samoa Joe does.

And that’s how I see it from where I stand

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