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It's true, I DO like wrestling
Jan 30, 2008 - 5:21:24 PM

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It’s no secret that I’ve been less than thrilled with wrestling lately. Perhaps that is not only because I’ve been disappointed with the overall product, but also because I’ve been involved with other sports, and that has taken up quite a bit of my time. Be that as it may, I’ve realized that there are wrestlers on each show that I enjoy, and even though several of them might not be the ‘big names’ on the cards, they can keep me interested.


On Raw there is Hardcore Holly. That’s right, I’m all for the man from Mobile, Alabama. His intensity and dedication to his profession is second to none. He has come back from battling injuries and infections, and is as strong as he always was. Besides, he took the time to mail all who sent him get well cards personally autographed pictures, one of which I received. That shows some class, huh?


Jeff Hardy cannot be working any harder than he is right now, and man, is he fun to watch! It goes without saying that his athletic abilities are superb, but now he also seems really dedicated to his product. I only hope that he is not thrown aside with the return of John Cena.


Three others I’m still high on are Mickie James, Mr. Kennedy, and Chris Jericho. James has finally been able to dump the silly story lines that have surrounded her and remind us again that she has some real wrestling gifts. Y2J might have been given too big a job by having to save us all, but God, how I missed this charismatic and talented young man! Mr. Kennedy has been lost a bit of late, but he still possesses all of the strengths that make a good wrestler, and I hope that he is given the ball to run with again soon.


On to SmackDown! now, and I have to start with MVP. This young man has star power, and I really think he can go as far as they will let him. He seems to have learned from every out he’s had, and continues to improve. He does impress me, and I really like watching him.


Another wrestler that I really enjoy is Jimmy Wang Yang. I LOVE watching him wrestle! I am probably one of the last to know that he formerly wrestled as Akio – need to go back and look at some old matches. Nonetheless, Jimmy entertains me each and every time with his enthusiasm and abilities.


Jamie Noble is another go-getter who I fear will always be a mid-carder regardless of what he does. I understand that there is only room at the top for those chosen few, it’s just unfortunate that others who work just as hard and also have talent can’t also get rewarded in some way for all their time.


ECW gives me Shelton Benjamin. Again, not used to his full advantage, but a strong, technically sound athlete whose matches I enjoy as well. He has the look and talent, and could really help the company if allowed to move in the right direction.


I know he has only just arrived, but after watching Kafi Kingston his first two outings, he made me want to see more. Quick, agile, and full of energy, Kingston could have a big future. I hope to get to observe him move up the ladder and be successful in the wrestling industry.


There is no need for me to mention The Undertaker, for everyone knows just how much I like and respect him. Same goes for Triple H. Well, I have to say one thing about HHH. When he is allowed to roll, nobody, and I mean NOBODY is better on the mic than he is. This past Monday night on Raw, when he was talking about “gimmick infringement” with regard to Michael Buffer, he was pure gold.


So, I guess when I sit back and look at it, there will always be something, or somebody, on each show that I can enjoy, cheer about, boo at, or just be completely amazed by. Which is probably why I will never completely reject professional wrestling, no matter how much I complain and get discouraged. And I have to say, I’m happy about that.


Be safe and God Bless,

Viva La Raza,



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