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Grading the Nomar trade
By JEREMY PELLEK, MOP Squad Sports Staff Writer
Aug 4, 2004 - 4:24:00 PM

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When one thinks of the Boston Red Sox, the name Nomar Garciaparra promptly pops into mind. But now with Nomar's departure, how will the rest of the season fall into place for the Sox? With the additions of Doug Mientkiewicz, Orlando Cabrera and Dave Roberts, Boston certainly has become more defensive-minded, and some would argue to say lost an offense punch.

So now what for the Sox? With the all-star shortstop dealt to the Cubs, will the new additions give what Boston needs, or will the trade turn out to be another flop in the storid history of the Red Sox? Doug Mientkiewicz brings an excellent glove to first base, and a left-handed power threat that was left when Trot Nixon was placed on the 15-day DL for a quadricep problem.

Acquistion grade: B

Orlando Cabrera brings a great glove to shortstop. The gold-glove winner with the Expos may lack the offensive numbers that Nomar put up, but his defense will make up for the many errors that have plagued Nomar's career. Although he's having a down year, Orlando showed last year with a .293 average with 17 HR and 80 RBI that he can bring an offensive punch and timely hitting.

Acquistion grade: A-

Dave Roberts is the speedy outfielder from the Dodgers that I believe is something Boston needs more than people recognize, and that's speed. Besides Johnny Damon, the Red Sox have very minimal team speed. Placing Roberts at lead-off, or even in the 9-hole will give speed on the basepaths for the big hitters like David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez. Roberts also brings a solid glove to the outfield, which may also lead to the benching of Kevin Millar.

Acquistion grade: B

Boston got what they needed, better team defense. Being near the top in errors and unearned runs, this is something that Theo Epstein looked at closely and decided would be better off for the team. The real results of this trade will come when October comes...if Boston makes, or misses the playoffs.

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