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Baltimore Orioles
Bedard finally traded to Mariners
After weeks of delays, denials, flights and physicals, the Seattle Mariners have their ace.
Feb 8, 2008 - 10:30:59 PM

Roberts acknowledges using steroids once
Baltimore Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts has acknowledged using steroids, but insists he only tried it once before realizing he had made a "terrible decision."
Dec 18, 2007 - 11:19:34 AM

Tejada traded to Orioles for 5 players
Miguel Tejada got his wish - albeit a couple of years later than he wanted. Tejada was traded from the Baltimore Orioles to the Houston Astros for five players on Wednesday, giving the 2002 AL MVP a fresh start on a team looking to boost its lineup.
Dec 13, 2007 - 6:40:31 AM

Baltimore Orioles fire pitching coach
Leo Mazzone was fired as pitching coach of the Baltimore Orioles on Friday, less than two weeks after completing his second season with a struggling staff.
Oct 12, 2007 - 3:51:21 PM

Bengals make a stand to hold off Ravens
With wounded players shuffling off in waves, what was left of the Cincinnati Bengals rallied for a win that hurt so good.
Sep 11, 2007 - 1:52:02 AM

Orioles trade Trachsel to Cubs
The Chicago Cubs turned to their past to bolster their current push for the playoffs, acquiring right-hander Steve Trachsel from the Baltimore Orioles on Friday.
Aug 31, 2007 - 3:40:34 PM

Orioles' Trembley to return next season
Dave Trembley will return next season as manager of the Baltimore Orioles after leading the team to a winning record over the last two months.
Aug 22, 2007 - 12:35:10 PM

Trembley to manage O's the rest of 2007
Dave Trembley can remove the interim tag from his title. From now until at least the end of the 2007 season, he's simply the manager of the Baltimore Orioles.
Jul 31, 2007 - 6:08:33 PM

Tejada likely sidelined into August
Injured Baltimore Orioles shortstop Miguel Tejada won't be able to resume baseball activities for at least a month because of a fractured left wrist, and could be sidelined well into August.
Jun 26, 2007 - 9:54:24 PM

Joe Girardi declines offer from Orioles
Joe Girardi turned down an offer to manage the Baltimore Orioles, a decision Thursday that ended the team's spirited effort to secure its top choice for the job.
Jun 21, 2007 - 9:25:09 PM
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